Case Studies

Family Concessionary Purchase

See how one savvy family used Family Concessionary Purchase to help their son get on the property ladder.

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Interest Only

Interest Only mortgages have had a rough time recently. Not for everyone, but if you have assets they can provide flexibility.

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Auction Purchase

Buying at an auction can be daunting. See how Marco used an auction purchase mortgage to reduce the risk .

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Let To Buy

Terry and Sophie wanted tomove quickly. See how let to buy mortgages solved their problem.

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Flexible Mortgage

Getting a fixed deal can be great for financial planning, but what if you dont know what the future holds?

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Bridging Finance

Paul and Deborah had equity and planning permission, but needed cash to complete the project. See how bridging finance worked for them.

Limited Company Mortgages

Jack benefited from AALTO’s joined up advice process, with advice from accountant and broker.

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Portfolio Landlord

AALTO helped Marcus get his head around the new rules regarding those with 3 or more properties.

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Here we explore mortgage case studies and finance arrangements, so you can understand how different types of finance can suit your needs.

These case studies are specific to the client and your situation and circumstances may be different. You should always seek advice specific to yourself.