Free Mortgage Healthcheck

At AALTO we understand that everyone is different. Not everyone wants to engage a mortgage broker so early in their home buying journey, especially when there is so much information available on the internet for free. However, you dont always know what you dont know!

Comparisson sites are only able to show you a selection of rates available, they are still not able to confirm if you qualify for that particular mortgage, they are not able to confirm how much of a loan each lender will offer, nor are they able to confirm if the property is going to be suitable security.

AALTO’s innovative healthcheck allows you to get an accurate assesment of your position and will advise if there are areas you need to be aware of. It includes:

  • An affordability report – Every single residential lender on the market is searched in one go and the maximum loan returned
  • A criteria report – We take any areas that might be a factor to lenders (employment/self-employment, property, adverse credit, or any combination of factors)
  • Credit report – Feedback on any issues regarding your credit report, what you can do to improve and the lenders that will accomodate you currently
  • Product Quote – Based on the above we provide a detailed quote with a full breakdown of prices

All displayed in a simple easy to read PDF report. This should never replace a comprehensive meeting with one of our mortgage brokers, which we highly recommend, but you have absolutely no obligation to take us up on that.

Example Report Image
Click to view a demonstration report.

You can upgrade this to a decision in principle at any point by contacting us and completing a full fact find, or simply give us a call if theres something you would like to discuss.

Why would you give this away for free?

We know that what every customer wants is information. Today we want that information as quickly and efficiently as possible and thats very much how we want to run our service – quick, efficient and informative. Call this a shop window if you like, we want to demonstrate that we are not out to squeeze you for extra services, that we use technology effectively to get you the best results and that we are transparent and a pleasure to deal with. Ultimately we hope that when you want to go ahead with a transaction you bear us in mind.

Can I depend on these results?

Yes, to an extent. Customers are unique and this cannot be boiled down to such a simple form, however from experience most customers know what reservations or challenges they face and this is designed to give a fast way to identify where you stand on key factors such as maximum loan, credit and other criteria. This does not consitute advice however and we will not therefore be making a recommendation. We recommend you contact us if you would like that service and we can discuss in more detail the costs and timescales involved.

Aren’t there online mortgage brokers where all this gets done automatically?

There are, and the technology is evolving rapidly, but for now these services are simply good looking fact finds and the end result is always a conversation with a mortgage broker before you proceed. They are also very bad at handling some of the more nuanced aspects of the mortgage process and are no substitute for a human being’s intuition. This report is designed to allow the broker to quickly confirm you are in a good place to acquire a mortgage and if not where the main factors are.

How to obtain your report

Click the button to the left. We will process the request within 24 hours and return a detailed report by email. We may need to contact you to clarify certain things.

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