Best BTL Mortgages

Some of the best BTL mortgages on the market.

All Mortgages are sorted based on lowest total cost over the initial ERC period. This is calculated assuming a loan amount of £150,000. Interest is calculated over the initial period, and all fees, including the arrangement fee is added to this figures. Cashback and refunded fees are deducted to give a clear idea of which is the better option.

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60% LTV

2 Year Deals
[wpdatatable id=10 var1=Fixed var2=60% var3=”2 years”]
5 Year Deals
[wpdatatable id=10 var1=Fixed var2=60% var3=”5 years”]

75% LTV

[wpdatatable id=10 var1=Fixed var2=75% var3=”2 years”]
[wpdatatable id=10 var1=Fixed var2=75% var3=”5 years”]

80% LTV

[wpdatatable id=10 var1=Fixed var2=80% var3=”2 years”]
[wpdatatable id=10 var1=Fixed var2=80% var3=”5 years”]

85% LTV

[wpdatatable id=10 var2=85% var3=”2 years”]
[wpdatatable id=10 var1=Fixed var2=85% var3=”5 years”]