Are there mortgages for discharged bankrupts out there? The answer is Yes, definitely!

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21 October 2019

Are there mortgages for discharged bankrupts out there? The answer is Yes, definitely!

Mortgages for Discharged Bankrupts

Bankruptcy is considered to be one of the more challenging aspects to arranging adverse credit mortgages.

The mere mention of a previous bankruptcy can often cause most mortgage brokers to run for the hills, but we are not most mortgage brokers! As the table below shows, the options are a little more positive than most would assume. The reality is that there are mortgages for discharged bankrupts out there! Actually quite a few will consider you.

That’s not to say that arranging a mortgage where there has been a bankruptcy in the past will be easy; it wont be.

There are a multitude of factors that go alongside this that need to be addressed. One of the chief issues is the fact that, after bankruptcy, people have found it difficult to obtain any kind of credit. So when applying to a lender they find they have what we would call a “thin file”. That is where there is little recent credit to allow the lenders algorithms to create a score.

Like almost all kinds of adverse credit, the rationale and reasons behind it also matter, and again this forms a big part of the research involved in placing cases such as this. Different lenders will accept different stories and understanding their attitudes is what we do well.

Many of the lenders in the table below take a different approach and underwrite cases manually instead of relying on computers. Knowing which lender to approach is where using a broker like AALTO Mortgages excels. Because we have almost certainly come across similar cases in the past decade, we know from past experience which lenders are most likely to offer mortgages for discharged bankrupts.


If you would like to find out more about the process of bankruptcy we recommend you consult with Citizens Advice who can provide impartial advice on how you should proceed.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Lender Matrix

Who will consider a mortgage for discharged bankrupts? The table below gives an impression of which lenders might consider someone who has a bankruptcy between 3 and 6 years.

Lender Matrix

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LenderUnder 3 Yrs?3 to 6 Yrs?Over 6 years?
AccordNot AcceptedNot AcceptedConsidered
BarclaysNot AcceptedNot AcceptedConsidered
Bath Building SocietyConsideredConsideredConsidered
Beverley Building SocietyNot AcceptedNot AcceptedConsidered
Bluestone MortgagesConsideredConsideredConsidered
Buckinghamshire Building SocietyConsideredConsideredConsidered
Cambridge Building SocietyNot AcceptedConsideredConsidered
Chorley Building SocietyNot AcceptedConsideredConsidered
Clydesdale BankNot AcceptedNot AcceptedNot Accepted
CoventryNot AcceptedNot AcceptedConsidered
DarlingtonNot AcceptedConsideredConsidered
Dudley Building SocietyNot AcceptedConsideredConsidered
Earl Shilton Building SocietyNot AcceptedConsideredConsidered
Family Building SocietyNot AcceptedConsideredConsidered
Foundation Home LoansNot AcceptedConsideredConsidered
Furness Building SocietyNot AcceptedConsideredConsidered
HalifaxNot AcceptedNot AcceptedConsidered
Hanley Economic Building SocietyNot AcceptedNot AcceptedConsidered
Harpenden BSNot AcceptedConsideredConsidered
Hinckley & RugbyNot AcceptedNot AcceptedConsidered
Ipswich Building SocietyNot AcceptedConsideredConsidered
KensingtonNot AcceptedNot AcceptedNot Accepted
Kent RelianceNot AcceptedConsideredConsidered
Leeds Building SocietyNot AcceptedNot AcceptedConsidered
Leek United Building SocietyNot AcceptedNot AcceptedConsidered
Loughborough Building SocietyNot AcceptedConsideredConsidered
Mansfield Building SocietyNot AcceptedConsideredConsidered
Market Harborough Building SocietyNot AcceptedNot AcceptedConsidered
Marsden Building SocietyNot AcceptedNot AcceptedNot Accepted
MasthavenNot AcceptedConsideredConsidered
MBS Lending LtdConsideredConsideredConsidered
Melton Building SocietyNot AcceptedConsideredConsidered
Metro BankNot AcceptedConsideredConsidered
NationwideNot AcceptedConsideredConsidered
NatwestNot AcceptedNot AcceptedConsidered
Newbury Building SocietyNot AcceptedConsideredConsidered
Newcastle Building SocietyNot AcceptedNot AcceptedNot Accepted
Norton Home LoansConsideredConsideredConsidered
Nottingham Building SocietyNot AcceptedConsideredConsidered
Pepper MoneyNot AcceptedNot AcceptedConsidered
PlatformNot AcceptedNot AcceptedConsidered
Precise MortgagesNot AcceptedNot AcceptedConsidered
PrincipalityNot AcceptedConsideredConsidered
SaffronNot AcceptedConsideredConsidered
SantanderNot AcceptedNot AcceptedNot Accepted
Scottish Building SocietyNot AcceptedConsideredConsidered
SkiptonNot AcceptedConsideredConsidered
Stafford Railway Building SocietyNot AcceptedConsideredConsidered
Swansea Building SocietyConsideredConsideredConsidered
Teachers Building SocietyNot AcceptedConsideredConsidered
The Mortgage LenderNot AcceptedConsideredConsidered
Tipton & CoseleyNot AcceptedNot AcceptedConsidered
Together MoneyConsideredConsideredConsidered
TSBNot AcceptedNot AcceptedConsidered
United Trust BankNot AcceptedNot AcceptedNot Accepted
Vernon Building SocietyNot AcceptedConsideredConsidered
Vida HomeloansNot AcceptedNot AcceptedConsidered
Virgin MoneyNot AcceptedNot AcceptedNot Accepted
West Brom for IntermediariesNot AcceptedConsideredConsidered


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