Kirk Newsholme has considerable experience guiding construction and property businesses through the accounting regime, with an emphasis on taxes and reliefs relative to their sector.

We can help with…

• Property investment companies
• Professional services firms
• Property developers
• Civil engineering contractors
• Commercial and residential contractors
• Allied trades and material & plant suppliers

The importance of your industry

The construction and property sectors are crucial to the UK economy, contributing £117 billion – around 6% of the nation’s total economic output. There are also 2.4 million jobs in the sector, which represents around 7% of the UK total. The industry consists of around 343,000 firms, including many small and medium-sized family and local businesses. The most successful players in this sector have typically moved quickly to capitalise on opportunities whilst having a keen appreciation of downside risk and how to protect themselves against it.

Our experience

Over the last 25 years, Kirk Newsholme has developed a strong local reputation for our specialist skills in this sector, based on a deep knowledge of the commercial, regulatory and financial environment in which firms operate. Our construction and property client base represents all aspects of the construction industry value chain.

What sets us apart

Kirk Newsholme’s extensive network of professional sector specialist contacts also sets us apart from many practices. This network enables us to deliver a highly effective service, built on sound all-round commercial experience and expertise.

Construction and property firms are faced by some of the most complex accounting, taxation and regulatory requirements within any UK sector. Commercial risk is also a key consideration. Kirk Newsholme’s expertise has helped us to steer clients safely through the myriad of unwelcome and costly pitfalls for the unwary.

Making the most of opportunities

There are still great opportunities for local firms who understand the nature of risks in a challenging marketplace. One of the keys to success is to choose the right advisors. We at Kirk Newsholme are proud of our reputation as straight talking and proactive advisors to SME’s in the construction and property sector. We understand that now more than ever, businesses require ‘hands on’, value-for-money expertise – delivered in a timely manner by approachable individuals with genuine specialist knowledge.