A Fresh Approach to HMOs

When you think about houses of multiple occupation (or HMOs) you might think about student digs, something from the ‘Young Ones’ perhaps, where squalor is right of passage. It’s to be expected that almost everyone has a story about the shocking state of their student housing back in the day. In...
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Mortgage Down Valuations

A mortgage down valuation can be a frustrating element of any mortgage purchase or remortgage. Ultimately, the value of a property is the amount someone is prepared to pay for it. However, lenders need to set their own independent value on an asset they plan to lend against and, even...
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Moving Bank Accounts?

If you are moving bank accounts to another provider, print off all of your statements as far back as you can go, or if possible, save them to your computer. Once you close the old account you will no longer have access to them. If you apply for a mortgage and statements are requested, acquiring them from the old bank could be expensive and slow, and could hold up your mortgage application.

Find Property Floor Area

Check the EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) if you want to find property floor area.

An EPC must be provided by law, and made available on request by an agent. In the title area, the surveyor will have recorded the total floor area of the property. Useful to check its not too small if it a studio, and to judge overall value.

Find Property Floor Area

Tools of the Trade

Buying property for investment has a very steep learning curve. Everyone knows the trick is to buy low, sell high and make a good month to month return in the interim. The reality is far more complex. There are many factors which will affect a property’s current and potential value,...
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Scaremongering in the News

There has been plenty of scaremongering in the news over the past few weeks regarding the new changes to mortgage assessment. As a nation that values home ownership immensely these doom and gloom headlines naturally cause people to worry about the future. I have had plenty of calls regarding these...
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