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Mortgage Capacity Reports

Mortgage capacity reports are essential documents in UK divorce proceedings, used to assess an individual’s ability to borrow money.

These reports are most commonly required to determine the feasibility of one party buying out the other’s share in a jointly owned property during a divorce.

Courts rely on mortgage capacity reports to make informed decisions about asset division in divorce cases.

To prepare a mortgage capacity report, you need to provide current mortgage details, property valuation, income and expenditure information, and any other relevant financial data.

The accuracy of the information provided in the mortgage capacity report is crucial for legal judgments and to avoid misinterpretation by the court.

Despite being used as evidence in court, mortgage capacity reports have limitations in reliability and are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Before obtaining a mortgage capacity report, it’s advisable to check if an agreement in principle would suffice as evidence for the court.

Mortgage Capacity Reports will cost £299 per person

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