Bridging finance

Paul and Deborah felt they were stuck. See how bridging finance worked for them.

Limited Company Mortgage

An office with an employee looking at a computer

Learn how developer, Jack, navigated all the considerations of borrowing through a limited company with help from AALTO.

Interest Only

Interest Only mortgages have had a rough time recently. They are not right for everyone, but if you have the assets they can provide flexibility.

Concessionary Purchase

See how one savvy family used Family Concessionary Purchase to help their son get on the property ladder.

Auction Finance

Buying at an auction can be daunting. See how Marco used an Auction Finance bridging plan to reduce the risk and increase his chance of a successful bid.

Holiday Let

small stone holiday let or AirBnB cottage in the rolling Scottish hills

Finance an AirBnB or Holiday Let property in a busting holiday location, above a café for a client with a large portfolio and non standard income. No problem.