Mortgages for Professional Athletes

21 October 2019

Mortgages for Professional Athletes

We work with sportsmen and women throughout the entirety of their careers. Whatever sport you play professionally, whether you are a footballer, athlete, rugby player or professional athlete, getting a mortgage can be a little more complicated than you might expect.

Mortgages for sports professionals include a number of obstacles that you will need to consider before going ahead. These include the effect that your career could have on your income, how potential injury could affect your income and whether this could impact on the mortgage you are applying for. It is vital to consider all of these issues before going ahead with a mortgage application.

When you are looking for a mortgage as a sports professional, lenders are likely to consider the following points :
• The impact that injury could have on your income and how this will affect the size of your mortgage.
• The potential for your future earning capacity to be impacted by those injuries you sustained as a professional athlete.

If you or a family member is a professional sports person, it really is imperative you take advice from an experienced Mortgage Broker.

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